Making Birthday Party’s Fun for The Parents

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The sound of cake, balloons, clowns, and goodie bags may have the kiddos jumping for joy, but what about the ones driving their little party go-ers around? Next time you plan a birthday party keep these ideas in mind to help the chaperones enjoy the event as well!


Create an Area for Adults: Have an adult-sized seating area set up that is convenient and accessible to where the kids will be. Match the number of chairs to the number of kids attending, assuming at least one parent will stay for each kid. Providing adult-friendly food on a table in the center of the seating area will draw a crowd to the area and create a space for parents to talk and mingle.

Provide Food and Drinks for Adults: I’m sure parents agree that they would like a break from the typical pizza and chips served at children’s birthday party’s. Have a different option ready for the adults; healthy snacks or finger sandwiches are a great option! Don’t forget the drinks! Coffee is always well welcomed by sleep-deprived parents. Other options can also include a soda selection, or flavored ice teas.

Fun Activities for All Ages: Have activities planned that the parents can get involved in as well. It’ll help entertain the grown-ups and help create some great memories. A photo booth is fun for everyone. Place it in good lighting and provide a few props, like bows and hats. Offer to take pictures of parents with their kid on their smartphones, or set up a tripod, camera, and photo printer so that you can send guests home with a photo in hand.

Let Them Drop Off: If you really want parents to appreciate your party, let them drop their kids off (recommended most for kids ages 7 and over) so they can enjoy their own grown-up time. Trust us, all parents can appreciate a little break now-and-then!


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